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Programme of Events 2023-2024

The SCS Marketing & Communication committee have a very important role to play within the Society and one of the prime functions of the committee is to generate interest in the Society in order to attract membership.

Historically the Society has been obliged to ask for pre-registration for some of its events in order to monitor numbers and ensure catering requirements are met.

It was a decision by SCS Council that pre-registration should be carried forward across the whole of the Society events for consistency.  Pre-registration does come with several benefits as follows:

  • The registration platform offers the registrant the opportunity to print off a Continuing Professional Development Certificate which they can print out and bring along with them to an event for the President or Organiser to sign.
  • It gives the SCS staff a good idea of numbers for each event and in turn allows the opportunity to cater correctly, without wasting Society funds by over-catering.
  • The platform sends email reminders to delegates and allows the Secretariat to issue a survey, if needed.
  • The speaker(s) will be informed and have a good idea as to who their audience is and expected numbers.  It is all about ‘know your audience’
  • Allows the opportunity to non-members attendees to encourage SCS membership.
  • Automatic Facebook and Twitter updates.
  • A small fee has been implemented for non-members; however should an SCS Member wish to bring  a guest it would be appreciated if they could let the SCS staff know and they would be welcome without paying a fee.  A guest attending with an SCS member will never be turned away.
  • The SCS organisers can monitor who is attending SCS events as this information may be useful in the future as the various proposed educational initiatives are developed. This information can be used in several ways to correspond with members and non-members and establish what hot topics they would like the SCS to consider for future lectures.
  • An attendance list is required for Health and Safety regulation purposes by venues.

It is stressed that an SCS member who hasn’t pre-registered will never be turned away from an SCS event. The highly experienced Secretariat team know their membership and will always have a contingency in place to accommodate them.  

A small fee is payable by non-members who have no connection with anyone within the Society but are interested in a particular talk/topic.  SCS members may always bring a guest free of charge.

By registering for SCS events you accept that the events may be filmed and used for the purposes of promotion and will be visible in each SCS member’s profile.

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