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Welcome SCS Council 2022-2023

Our 2022-2023 Council was inaugurated at the 2022 SCS AGM on Thursday 26 May.



President Sam Farmer (SAMFARMER)

Vice President Shona Bear (Superdrug) Joining Council 2022

Immediate Past President Lorna Kirkbride (Orean)

Honorary Secretary Sarah Gladstone (RAHN)

Honorary Treasurer Dr Mustafa Varçin



Susan Ayton (Ayton Global Research)

Emma Catchpole (No7 Beauty Company) Joining Council 2022

Kalliopi Dodou (University of Sunderland)

Elisabeth Dufton (Surfachem)

Anne-Laure Fonteneau (The Body Shop) Joining Council 2022

Mohammed Jamal (Jamal Perfumers)

Majella Lane (UCL School of Pharmacy)

Christine Lawson (CTPA)

Peter Taylor (Retired)

Daniel Whitby (Smink Laboratories) Joining Council 2022



Secretary General Gem Bektas

Education Programme Co-ordinator Bernice Ridley

Course Administrator & Office Support Joanne Morris


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