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University of Manchester Opens Its Doors to The SCS

The SCS will be holding the first of what is believed will be many different engagements with academic institutions and the Society. Our first engagement will be held on Monday 26 January 2015 at the University of Manchester from 10:30 until 16:00.

The event will open with a welcome and keynote lecture by Professor Chris Griffiths, who is well known in the cosmetics industry for his dermatological expertise and advice. Matt Reed, a director from Unilever’s Open Innovation team, will deliver the keynote on behalf of our industry. Barbara Brockway, SCS Immediate Past President, will illustrate the challenges we believe industry is facing and why closer working between academia and our industry is essential for driving innovation for the future and so achieve better products for consumers.

The personal care industry is an ‘early adopter’ of new scientific discoveries. It also has unmet needs, challenges and problems that cannot always be resolved unaided within businesses. Our universities are leaders in the sciences and engineering and they are challenged with the task of transferring their knowledge to industry in a timely manner. We believe both industry and academia can come together for mutual benefit.

After the keynote speeches there will be a challenge for all present. We will hear from Manchester University’s Business engagement team and from the funding agencies about the ways industry and academia can collaborate. They will explain how this closer working can be achieved and funded.

An important aspect of the day will be the networking lunch where posters from academia and industry will be on display. The purpose is to demonstrate how industry commercialises technology from academia and for academia to showcase technology that it believes it can offer industry.

If you feel you have a poster which demonstrates the benefits of collaboration or would like to be part of this day please contact Gem Bektas in the first instance as the event is by invitation only

tel +44 (0)1582 726661