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SCS Past President Hilda Butler Dies at 99

Hilda Butler, President of the SCS from 1972-1973, sadly passed away on 6 June 2015. She would have been 100 this October.

Another former President, David Munden has very fond memories of Hilda: “She was a truly lovely person who never spoke a bad word about anyone and was friendly to all. She was genuinely interested in helping people and freely offered advice.

“When Hilda and I had regular contact through the SCS she met my family on many occasions and took a special interest in our two children. She regularly sent them little Christmas presents that she had clearly put a lot of thought into.

“I always enjoyed our conversations as she was such an interesting person. Even when old age was catching up with her she made the effort to attend the Past Presidents lunches as long as she could and I always looked forward to seeing her again.

“Hilda’s passing is a sad loss to the SCS.”

Our thoughts are with Hilda’s family, including her son Francis who has clear memories of his mother’s career in cosmetics and her work with the SCS.

There will be a memorial service held for Hilda on 25 June 2015 at The Court House in Berkhamsted at 3.00pm. It is near St Peter’s Church in the High Street. The family has requested no flowers.

Earlier this year, Barbara Brockway interviewed Hilda for the SCS Newsletter as our oldest member. “It is not every day that you get an opportunity to meet someone who really reminds you to be and make the best of everything that life has given you, including your career and the friendly industry in which you are working,” says Barbara. “Our first question to Hilda was, if she were to look back now, would she have chosen any other industry? The answer was one straight and meaningful word: ‘Never’.”

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