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SCS Bursary Winner Mojgan Moddaresi Shares Her IFSCC Conference Experience

The IFSCC Conference returned to Switzerland this year with the theme More facts, Less Illusions. Mojgan Moddaresi won a bursary from the SCS Tony Naylor Bursary Fund and the SCS was delighted to be able to help her attend the 2015 event (21-23 September).

“The SCS bursary enabled my company (Personal Care Regulatory Ltd) to present our research work on comparing the different regulatory systems and registration processes for a cosmetic product in different continents. The title of the poster was An exploratory review on Cosmetic products’ registration: gaps and avenues for global harmonization.

Cosmetics Regulation, as like any other regulation, is in a state of constant change based on improving knowledge in toxicology and safety of ingredients. Different legislations, especially product legislation, are among the main globalisation challenges faced by a cosmetic brand. The objective of the research was to evaluate similarities and also main differences between continents with the major global markets for cosmetic products and possibilities of reaching global harmonisation.

“In this research, in addition to looking into details of differences in cosmetic product definition, the procedure for registration of cosmetic products in the EU, USA and China were compared. In this comparison, factors like determination of responsibilities, time line and legal authorities’ responsibility differences were discussed.

“Our research poster was presented in the society, safety, health and environment section on the second day of the event. During the poster presentation, we received a great deal of interest in our recently introduced China registration service and of course very hot discussions on the issue of animal testing.

“Attending the IFSCC Conference provided a great opportunity for us to network, and present our research in the regulatory field, and to get in touch with other companies with the same interest in the field.

“I’d encourage smaller businesses and consultancy firms to apply for the SCS bursary fund and take advantage of this great opportunity that SCS provides for it members.”

The deadline for applications for the Tony Naylor Bursary Fund for 2016 is 31 January 2016. Successful applicants could benefit from financial assistance to help them attend the 2016 IFSCC Congress in Orlando, US. The US deadline for abstracts is 31 December 2015.