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Schools Project: June 2014 Update

Things are moving along well with the SCS schools project and the website should be ready for launch to teachers by mid-autumn. We’re well on track and it’s coming in within budget, which is great news.

Five lessons have been written out (for key stage 3 / 4 pupils) and are in the process of being refined: the qualities of cosmetics & toiletries (pH), fragrance (distillation), controlling viscosity (surfactants / shower gel), texture (making lip balms / hair wax) and generating fizz (making bath bombs). The challenge for pupils who get to the final of the competition will be to submit a video of the product they’ve made, although discussions on the logistics are still ongoing. An SCS team will judge the best and the winners may be invited to come and present it to the Society.

“Time-wise our involvement is a bit more than we expected but we want to make sure the content is absolutely what we want it to be,” said Judi Beerling, project coordinator (Barbara Brockway and Emma Meredith are also on the committee). “From what we’ve seen of the wire frames so far the website looks very engaging and it also has a distinct SCS feel.”

Barbara added: “The more people we talk to the more we’re clear that this is wanted.”

Members should also be aware that the Funds Committee continues to look at areas of investment so if you have any ideas please do contact a member of Council or the Secretariat and let them know.