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Record DLC Year to Benefit From New Film & Experiment Videos

The new academic year is now underway on the SCS DLC course with a record 137 students across the globe studying our material with a further 79 anxiously awaiting the results of the recent Diploma exams. DLC Course Manager Belinda Stone is thrilled to report that a new ‘Production Film’ is very nearly finished and a further new twist to the course material will be the experiment videos that Russell Cox has designed for the course.

“John Tainton has proved invaluable as the scriptwriter and producer of the new film, so a simply huge shout of thanks goes out to both John and Russell for finding the time to develop these projects for us,” says Belinda. “We should also like to thank Broad Oak Toiletries, LF Beauty and Stephensons for allowing us to film at their sites.”

Whilst we are thanking people we must never ever forget all our markers and unit authors who tirelessly work behind the scenes enabling the course be what it is today. Various units are being updated this year with one or two resulting in complete rewrites.