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London Lectures are Now Open to Non-Members

From October 2014 SCS London lectures are open to non-members.

London lectures were changed to ‘members only’ in 2009 but it is now felt that these should be open to all so please invite your colleagues and introduce them to the Society.

Our first London event for the year 2014/15 is a debate: What drives trends in cosmetic claims: consumer dreams or scientific reality? Steve Barton (Skin Thinking Ltd and our very own Vice President) and Stirling Murray (The Red Tree) will be debating what consumers may want from a claim, what a company may want to claim, what they can claim and what they need to back that claim! The debate will be chaired by Dr Jack Ferguson (Skinnovation, past SCS President, a consultant on cosmetic product claims to Clearcast and on the ASA’s Panel of experts in dermatology).