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Join The SCS Talent Pool

The SCS is currently in the process of a 3-year rolling programme to update the content within the Distance Learning Course. The investment into the course will enhance the look, feel and learning experience for the student and will ensure the course is current and continues to be a unique and valuable diploma.

In order to keep the course fresh and relevant, we are looking to encourage SCS members with experience and specific disciplines to join our talent pool of coursework/exam setters/authors/markers.

Your involvement would be required once a year/once every two years to create a piece of coursework, which could be an essay or a case study, at intervals and timings set within the course calendar and would be a topic within one of the course modules. Preparation, setting and marking would be expected to take no longer than 20 hours. Details about the course and its content can be found on the course website

Alternatively, your involvement could be to set an exam question and we are considering joint markers for both coursework and exam questions so that large volumes of marking are shared. Remuneration is payable to all coursework/exam setters and markers.

If you are interested in using your valuable talent to assist the Society, please contact Bernice Ridley, Education Programme Coordinator. Bernice will be able to supply guidelines for the different roles involved and also answer any questions.