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IJCS Achieves 1.451 Impact Factor

The Impact Factor (IF) for the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (IJCS), the collaboration between the British and French Societies of Cosmetic Science, has been officially calculated and announced as 1.451, with a ranking of 34/61 in dermatology.

“The fact that IJCS has an IF is mostly due to the tireless work of Tony Rawlings, our previous EIC and we thank him for having raised our Journal to the level where it merited this distinction,” says IJCS Editor-in-Chief, Karl Lintner.

“The number itself is a good number, and while we are not going to be mesmerized by it to the point of losing focus of everything else, we shall strive to maintain and perhaps improve it in the coming years. In any case, the IF should help us attract more papers from academia around the world.

“We therefore urge you to make the IF known in your academic circles wherever and whenever possible and convenient.”