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IFSCC Council Meeting 2014

IFSCC Council Meeting 27 October 2014

Listed below are some of the discussions which took place at the IFSCC Council Meeting held in Paris, France on 27 October 2014.

  • The IFSCC are putting forward new statutes to enable the Federation to be lawfully registered.
  • IFSCC Conference/Congress registration fees were challenged and IFSCC have agreed to standardise the Early Bird rate and dates are to be fixed.
  • Election of Officers and Praesidium 2014/15
  • It was reported that the IFSCC made a loss of CHF 86K in 2013 due mainly to lack of income with levy received from the Brazil Confence down by 50% of what was expected.  Small deficit predicted for 2014.
  • New format for Henry Maso award presented
  • Kosmet trial being undertaken by various members, with a report to be provided at the Spring 2015 meeting.
  • Lester Conrad Educational Prize and the Maison G De Navarre Young Scientist Prize will be anounced in early 2015.
  • Future Conferences / Congresses – 21-23 September 2015 in Zurich Switzerland ‘More Facts – Less Illusions’. 2016 Congress Orlando, USA.  2017 Conference in South Korea.  2018 Congress in Germany, 2019 Conference in Italy, 2020 Congress in Japan.

If you would like a full copy of the IFSCC Council Minutes, please contact