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Congratulations to The Scrub Up On Science 2015 Competition Winners

The Science Museum was the fantastic setting for the finals of the SCS Scrub Up On Science competition on 22 June 2015, and its Engineer Your Future Gallery provided an exciting space in which the finalists were able to bring their ideas to fruition and impress the judges with their scientific knowledge.

The competition challenged school groups to create a bath bomb or shower gel. From 201 PowerPoint entries from over 50 schools, the SCS panel of judges (Judi Beerling, Barbara Brockway, Sam Farmer, Emma Meredith & Robin Parker) selected six finalists, who travelled from all over the country (the furthest from Glasgow) to impress the judges with their creations. And impress they did. “Thank you to our scientists of the future for showing us and wowing us with your experiments,” said Emma Meredith (IPP, SCS). “We’ve been very excited and have had great fun and wish you all the best for your scientific futures.”

Five of the six finalists had chosen to create a bath bomb and congratulations go to the creators of one of these, Kate (pictured left) and Zoe (pictured right), both aged 13, from Laurence Jackson School in Guisborough, winners of the first SCS Scrub Up On Science competition.

Discussing their winning Astronaut Girl formulation, Kate said: “We wanted our product to be different and individual. I’ve always liked astronomy and wanted it to be space themed.” On using the Scrub Up On Science resources at school, Zoe commented: “It’s nice to see things you use in everyday life in science. I hadn’t really thought about it before but I now realise why things are so expensive as I know what goes into them!” The girls are still only 13 but Kate envisages a future as a Doctor or an astrophysicist while Zoe is looking to science or ICT. Interestingly, the teacher accompanying the winning team remarked that science is not well regarded at the school. Hopefully Kate and Zoe’s success will cause people to reconsider.

Congratulations also go to all our runners up. They were, in no particular order: Portsmouth High School, Coloma Convent Girls’ School, Charters School, Trinity High School (Glasgow) and Queen Mary’s High School.

“We had a brilliant day and I think the girls came home inspired!” said the teacher accompanying the children from Coloma school in Croydon. “The day was pitched at just the right level. It wasn’t too easy, but it was all within their range. The girls also wanted to say how friendly and welcoming the judges were, and they felt that they really listened to them. They are already asking when they can enter another competition!”

“There are not many competitions like this,” commented the teacher accompanying the Portsmouth High School entrants. She runs a science club at the school and finds the Scrub Up On Science resources really useful. “it’s a very good way of engaging the children ­– you’re not just giving them a pile of chemicals!”

“It’s been a great day and I’m really proud of it,” said Robin Parker, the former SCS President whose brainchild the initiative was. “Scrub Up On Science and the associated competition have performed beyond our expectations and we are talking to EdComs about where we take it now.”