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Competition: Design a Logo For London 2022, The 32nd IFSCC Congress

The SCS will be hosting the IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) Congress in 2022. The Congress will be held in London from 19-22 September 2022 and we’re asking you (or someone you may know) to design a logo for the event.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the SCS and London is a wonderful location, so we really want to encourage cosmetic scientists from all over the world to join us for an amazing event in a brilliant city.

The UK SCS last hosted the IFSCC Congress in 2002 in Edinburgh with the theme ‘Cosmetic Science for a Global Marketplace’. That was the 22nd IFSCC Congress, so 20 years on in 2022 will be the 32nd IFSCC Congress and the theme this time will be ‘Where Beauty, Science and Innovation Meet!’. The logo we used in 2002 captured both the subject and the setting perfectly. We’re really excited about 2022 and plans are already underway. We just need the perfect logo to go with it. Cosmetic Science and London Life… it doesn’t get much more exciting than that!

We’ll be inviting the member submitting the winning logo to our next Annual Dinner (14 November 2017).

Deadline for entries is Friday 29 September 2017.

To submit entries, or for more information, contact