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Busy Summer School Meets Hells Angels

The 2018 Summer School was a hot one! Thankfully we had good aircon in the main lecture room during both days, though the situation was not the same for in bedrooms or other areas of the hotel, which made it rather warm.

We had a record number of students book this year and 37 attendees over the two days. This meant we had to use a larger room than usual and if the numbers continue to rise, we may have to consider a change of venue at some point.

As in previous weekends the students all gelled really well and made good friendships, friendships that tend to last well beyond the course and into the attendees working lives. It’s a great networking experience for so many.

By Sunday, many of the students commented on how much more confident they now felt about the up and coming exams and found the whole weekend very beneficial, with nothing but praise for the venue and set up. The staff at Eastwood Hall couldn’t do enough to make us feel welcome and were very attentive to any special dietary requirements or other requests. We are just waiting for all the lecturers to confirm their availability for the same weekend next year and will book us in again!

I had a bit of a shock when I arrived at the venue on Friday as I managed to find one carpark space in the main car park. Every other space was taken up by Harley Davidsons and other bikes, which did look quite impressive. On entering reception I joined a queue behind about 100 Hells Angels who were also staying over the weekend for a bike festival or similar. They were a very friendly bunch who had travelled from all over the world to attend, though I think their style was slightly cramped by a school prom on the Friday night.

We also had two weddings on Saturday, as last year, but unlike last year fortunately both were very quiet. I think it was just too hot for anyone to be too energetic or wild.

Huge thanks to our lecturers: Pauline Ayres, Russell Cox, Kevan Hatchman, Bernice Ridley, Joyce Ryan and John Tainton.

Ursula Lavis, SCS Education Administrator