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A Big Thank You To IFSCC Chinese Benefactors

When coronavirus first appeared, the IFSCC was immediately concerned for the health and well-being of friends and colleagues in China and offered to send surgical masks to its Benefactors there. At that point it was unclear how quickly and viciously the novel coronavirus would impact countries around the world.

The IFSCC PR Committee Chair, Simon Chan reached out to a few Benefactors in China, asking if they wanted to offer any masks and surgical gowns to IFSCC Societies in hard-hit countries. The IFSCC was stunned by the overwhelming response. Soon Simon and his team were arranging for shipments of masks and gowns around the world.

In many countries it was impossible to find personal protective equipment such as masks and surgical gowns and in many cases these generous donations literally meant the difference between life and death. So far there have been 40 shipments of 57,000 masks and 100 surgical gowns to 28 organizations in 19 countries, including the UK.

The SCS has sent its sincere thanks to all those companies involved in this very thoughtful and generous initiative.


Thank you to the following companies:

SH Pechoin Group • GZ Ridgepole • SH BioTruly • SH Premium • BioSH Fresh Packaging • GD Tinci New Materials • GD Danz Group • Henan Shangyan Group • GZ Fanhai Group • GZ Bawei • Nutri-woods • GZ 3INS • Mageline