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2016 Annual General Meeting Elects 2016/17 Council

The 68th Annual General Meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists was held on Thursday 19th May 2016 at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.  The 2015/16 President, Stephen Barton, chaired the meeting where Members adopted the Annual and Financial reports, and elected their Officers and Council for 2016/2017:

Ruth Borner BSc (Hons) PhD CChem MRSC (Lehvoss)

Vice President:
Jackie Searle SCS Dip (IMCD)

Hon Secretary:
Barry Winslett GPRI HNC

Hon Treasurer:
Mojgan Moddaresi PharmD PhD CBiol, FRSB MSB (Personal Care Regulatory Ltd)

Members of Council:
Amanda Isom MA SCS Dip
Sam Farmer BSc SCS Dip
Sarah Gladstone HTEC
Stewart Long BSc MSc
Mustafa Varcin MSc PhD

Those continuing in office are:

Immediate Past President:
Steve Barton BSc MSc CBiol MBiol

Members of Council:
Russell Cox MRSC PhD (Stephenson Group)
Shona Bear BSc SCS Dip (Bulldog)
Laura Kirkbride BSc (Hons) SCS Dip (Orean Personal Care)

Gem Bektas – Secretary General
Mel Cheekoory – SCS Administrator

The Assistant Honorary Editor of the IJCS is Majella Lane BSc PhD (UCL School of Pharmacy)

Dene Godfrey was elected an Honorary ‘in recognition of three terms on Council and becoming El Presidente from 2009-2010, serving on the Social Committee and as Social Secretary from 1992 – 2010 and being a member of RDG Wales & West, Scientific Programme, International Journal committees and the 1999 Task Force (under the chairmanship of a Mr. S Barton) during which he suggested the idea of what became SCS Formulate. Having given the first lecture at the first SCS Formulate, the Guests’ Evening Lecture in 2008 and many other lectures and workshops at SCS Formulate, for regional groups and London meetings’

The incoming President Dr Ruth Borner in her Inaugural Address thanked the Council and GPC for inviting her to become President.  She said that she could see there are some very, very good past Presidents in the audience who have started some excellent initiatives. She thanked Steve Barton for inviting her to work with him and for all the initiatives which have been started and are set to continue if the Society is to remain relevant in the future.  Ruth thanked Emma for her work as Past President and thanked Judi and Emma for all their help.

Ruth said that building on the comments that we had last year a road map was put in place where we looked at education, professional status, advance & share science, access & participation

Ruth wishes to consolidate and deliver some of those targets and her first thought is that the Distance Learning Course is incredibly important and that we need to solidify it and let the new people get used to their role.  Ruth mentioned that the Society still intended to take on an Education Executive this year which didn’t work out as intended but this role will be re-visited.  The person we are looking for needs to curate our education and one of the things we put on hold was the educational seal of excellence, to be the go-to Society for people in cosmetic science.  We also want to develop content for the needs of people who have a requirement to become an expert in certain areas.

Professional status – Fellowship grade is something Ruth would like to deliver in her presidential year.  Ruth said that we have looked at ways to measure how people participate in the Society.  It is a reason to work with the Society.  We have looked at joining the Science Council – in his presidency Dene Godfrey looked at chartership but in order to do that is to meet the standards of requirements.  Also, Ruth is going to look at Society’s Operational Manual.  Ruth mentioned that we need to encourage and engage members throughout the UK.

Finally, Ruth feels very strongly about mentoring and coaching.  She wishes to develop a platform for discussion and enable people to meet at the various locations.  In the coming year we need to follow the initiatives that have been laid down and achieve these milestones and build the stability to grow. This can’t be done without the help of Council, GPC and all the committees who devote a lot of their time and want to make sure the SCS is a worthy and professional body to be part of.