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Tuesday 12 May 2015 - 'Science Behind Beauty' Evening Media Event

Joint SCS/CTPA Media Event – Educating Commentators: 'Science Behind Beauty'.  Speakers: Barbara Hall, Stephen Barton & Sam Farmer

Venue: Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA

Commencing 18.30 (registration from 18.00 hours) - 21.00 hours

The SCS and CTPA (Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association) are hosting an interactive evening of lectures from industry professionals and networking with industry stakeholders to bring to life the science behind cosmetic products. 


Steve Barton

Steve Barton (Director, Skin Thinking Ltd)

'The skin, the ingredients, the products and their claims'

The cosmetics industry has a long and proud history of using science to ensure the safety and enhance the efficacy of cosmetics and personal care products.  Advances in research into the physiological interactions of our products with skin, hair, teeth and nails have had many consequences.  

 This talk will focus on the following areas: .... See more


Barbara Hall

Dr Barbara Hall (Director, Sureconsult Ltd)

'Chemicals, Cosmetics and Misconceptions'

Cosmetics are unique amongst consumer goods in that their use is daily, life-long, intimate and multiple: it is not unusual for an individual consumer to use up to twenty different products every day. To be truly successful, a cosmetic product must possess an almost impossible number of attributes: not only must it look, smell and feel good, but throughout its use-life it must withstand an assault of microorganisms while remaining stable even at extremes of temperature and use conditions.,,,,, See more


Sam Farmer 2

Sam Farmer (Brand Owner, Sam Farmer)

'Concept to final formula – selling sound science'

The talk will cover the following points:

1   R & D - the product development process, from concept to final formula, production and launch.  How the industry creates checks and balances at every stage of the process to deliver a new product.  This will draw on my personal experience of studying the SCS Diploma on Cosmetic Science and developing a new cosmetic product brand and range, working with formulators and manufacturers. 

2   The innovation game - choosing appropriate ingredients for products using education, historical evidence and science.

3   The consequences of misinformation - the detrimental effect of misinformation in cosmetic science on the upcoming generation.  This will be based on my frequent engagement with my customers and their parents – often concerned by things they have read and heard about ingredients and products.

Sam Farmer biography


This event is open to SCS and CTPA members, stakeholders and the media, the evening will seek to address the knowledge gap and raise awareness and understanding of cosmetic science.  The event will focus on issues that could impact trust and adversely influence consumer and media opinions.

The event is free of charge, but registration is required. Please contact Gem Bektas for the access code before registering at the link below.


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