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Thursday 19 March 2015 - Afternoon seminar

'A Journey into Fragrance and Perfumery'

Commencing 12noon with a networking lunch

Venue:  Medicity Boots Second Avenue, Nottingham NG90 6BH 


Virginie Daniau, Independent Fragrance Expert, Committee Member of the British Society of Perfumers: 'Making Sense of Scents'

The choice of a fragrance is crucial, as it can seal a product's success. So, designing a scent for a new product is no small task. The presentation will highlight olfactive trends for cosmetic products and will aim at providing answer in the search for the right scent.


Denzil Phillips - 'Sourcing " natural " and " sustainable" raw materials for the fragrance industry Myth and reality'

A quick look at the annual reports of all the major fragrance and flavour companies will find the ever frequent use of the words " natural" and "sustainable" in the text; but just what do these words mean in todays fragrance industry?  This talk  will examine just how realistic are industry claims in the field of sustainable sourcing and whether a return to nature trend is indeed realistic in the present global mass market environment. The presenter will give examples of some wellknown like mint and geranium and some rarer raw materials like sandalwood and oudh to outline the issues at stake


Maleka Dattu, Creater & Founder of Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare - 'The Creation and Role of a Signature Essence Blend in Skincare'

Maleka will take you through the rationale and journey in creating a Signature Essence Blend for MERUMAYA Integrative Effective Skincare. Guide you through how she achieved her objectives to a) use smell to differentiate her brand b) add another sensorial dimension that would delight the senses and add pleasure to the somewhat pious skincare category c) enhance confidence, attraction, sensuality. Maleka will include the commercial, financial, communication aspects that were considered pre-launch and the response from customers, press and bloggers.

Finally, the discussion concludes with how do we work together to overcome the challenge of, cost effectively substantiating claims (in Britain), in order deliver efficacious solutions to enhance pleasure and happiness.


Stuart Hewlins (P&G) - 'Developments in Regulation of Fragrance Allergens and implications for Industry and Consumers'

Fragrance allergy is reported by European dermatologists to be the cause of eczema in about 16% of patients attending patch test clinics in Europe.  In the general population, the prevalence of fragrance allergy is believed to be in the order of 1% to 3%.  

Following high profile campaigning by key opinion leaders in the European dermatology community, the European Commission introduced Allergen Avoidance measures in 2005, which required ingredient listing of 26 fragrance substances which experts believed were the cause of fragrance allergy in consumers.  In 2012, a list of a further 56 substances was published by the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety, with a proposal that these substances should also be included in the ingredient lists of cosmetic products. Details of how the additional 56 allergens will be regulated by the European Commission has not been finalised yet and has been the subject of much discussion since publication of the 2012 SCCS opinion. 

This presentation will discuss implications of expanded regulation of fragrance allergens.  Key questions that will be discussed are:

  • ·        How should the expanded list of allergens be labelled on cosmetic products and how will consumers perceive this. 
  • ·        How should perfume suppliers, cosmetic manufacturers and control laboratories measure the content of allergens in perfume oils and finished products?

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