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picture of distressed woman with blue hair15 OCTOBER 2020

Speaker Long Lin, Professor of Colour and Polymer Science, University of Leeds


You have showered, you have exfoliated, and as far as you are concerned, you have followed the same procedure exactly. But you are still getting different tans every time after you applied the same sunless tanning product? Should you be puzzled or is it just the way that will ever be? A definitive answer to this question is nigh impossible for the time being, despite attempts by many scientists to date. This talk will attempt to describe the very complex Maillard reactions that underpin the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) induced pigmentation process that many sunless tanning products are designed to create, as well as the extents of influence of factors such as acidity, temperature and genetic makeup of an individual on the effectiveness of tanning reactions. Prof Lin will share some of the discoveries made by his PhD student Mr Y Sun and himself through experimental studies that have been conducted in the Department of Colour Science at the University of Leeds.

picture of Long LinBiography
Professor Long Lin is the Professor of Colour and Polymer Science in the Department of Colour Science at Leeds. Throughout his career at Leeds since 1989, he has collaborated extensively with cosmetic industry and other colour-creating and colour-using industries.  In terms of cosmetics science, for many years, Long’s research focus had solely been on the development of non-toxic, synthetic and natural permanent hair dyes.  During the last decade or so, he has expanded his research interest into skin care science, which has proven to him and his research team to be even more fascinating than hair colouration.


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