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Jo Stephenson (PHD Marketing) 
Cosmetics packaging – Protect, Present, Preserve & now Personal
Jo Stephenson, Co Founder of Women In Packaging UK and Managing Director of PHD Marketing, a specialist marketing agency supporting the packaging and print industry, will talk to the revolution in packaging personalisation which is finding its way in to the cosmetics and personal care products sector. Jo has over 25 years in print and packaging and will share insight in to how it's done, examples of winning technologies and advise members on next generation innovation.

Katerina Steventon (Independent Skincare Consultancy Ltd and FaceWorkshops)  
Personalisation in a Clinical Environment
Every face has individual facial structures that relate to the skin as well as the skeleton, facial muscles and the vascular and lymphatic systems. The facial tissues represent a dynamic system, influenced by health and lifestyle, responding to daily and monthly rhythms and ageing. The skincare industry approaches customization on a macro level (skin type and concern, age groups) or micro-level (gene-analysis based skincare) but in absence of large personal spending, clinically relevant solutions lie in understanding of individuals’ facial zones, their changes in time and targeted treatments. Dr Steventon will discuss new research behind skin types, how to work with facial maps of biophysical parameters and atlases of skin ageing in a clinical practice and what technologies/ingredients work best in personalized skincare programmes to achieve a clinical benefit for the consumer and commercial benefit for the industry.

Floriana Vincis (Global Claims Integrity Manager, Walgreens Boots Alliance – Global Brands)  
Personalised beauty is here: bespoke claims to meet your needs
Lifestyle claims such as Natural, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free are becoming a must-have for beauty brands. Moreover, targeted beauty products and claims are every day more common and a way to target consumers specific needs. This presentation is a technical overview of market claims and products, certifications and guidelines to make your brands earn a place in the future of bespoke beauty.

Will Grimwade (Analyst,
Personalization: Where are we now and where is it heading?
Personalization has become a highly influential trend across the consumer landscape, and will only become more entrenched as individualistic consumers become more, knowledgeable and demanding when making their product choices. This presentation will explore Personalization in the context of today’s consumer. Understanding the underlying motivations and demands for more tailored, “right‐for‐me” products is essential to successfully leverage this trend through innovation. This presentation will explore the key drivers behind this trend and the innovation landscape. This will include examples from the beauty sector but also across the wider FMCG space as crosscategory learnings can inspire innovation in new sectors. Finally this presentation will look to understand the future of Personalization, how the trend is expected to develop, and the opportunities it presents to brands in future.

Arrive 12-1pm for buffet lunch and networking
1-2pm First two talks (30 minutes per speaker)
2-2.30pm Coffee, cake & networking
2.30-3.30pm Final two talks (30 minutes per speaker)
3.30pm-3.45pm Summing up etc to be finished by 4pm latest

Venue Alderley Science Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire


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