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Fragrancing Skin Care Products – Just a nice smell?
Delighting Consumers – the Science behind Scent

Jonathan Warr (Takasago)


The world of skin care cosmetics covers a wide range of mainly face and body care products, with some key benefit areas which are often common to both.  There is a strong link between the benefit area of a product and the fragrance type, but as we will discover this can also be influenced by other aspects such as the brand history or a key active ingredient.  We will see how fragrance expectations can differ depending on the region of the world you are in.  Having decided on the fragrance type that is needed, there is then a battery of technical testing that it must pass to be finally considered fit for purpose.  Beyond the “nice and appropriate smell”, we realise more and more that scent can play other key roles in delighting consumers, and an area of active research is how it can influence your mood; we shall look quickly at some of the latest scientific developments.

Commencing: 6.30pm for 7.00pm start

Venue:The Westin Dublin, Westmorland Street, Dublin 2

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