SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science

SCS Diploma In Cosmetic Science

Written by experts and recognised by employers in the industry, the SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science can kick start your career and improve your employability.

Introduction to the course


Whether you are employed in the cosmetics and toiletries industry or in a related area and seeking to enter the field, the SCS Diploma Course is an industry recognised course in the essentials of cosmetic science.

The one year course is in a modular format with units written and assessed by experts in the industry. The material can be accessed from once a student is enrolled on the course.

Distance learning is a system of study which you can use without having to attend a series of lessons or lectures given in the traditional way at a college or training centre. It is a system which you can study on your own, at your own pace and at a time and place of your choice.

If a student passes the SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science with a merit or distinction pass and they already hold a good science degree they may apply to the London College of Fashion and join their MSc in Cosmetic Science programme. You will be interviewed as normal with the London College of Fashion. If you pass the SCS Diploma you may be accepted into year 2 of the MSc programme. You can also be accepted into the University of Sunderland and join their 2nd year BSc Cosmetic Science course.

Topics covered include:

  • The foundations in chemistry, physiology, biochemistry and microbiology
  • The key functional roles of development, production, packaging and marketing
  • Vital auxiliary services such as stability testing, microbial preservation, quality assurance, legislation, safety assessment, performance evaluation and market research
  • Specific product categories such as hair, skin and oral care, colour cosmetics, aerosols and perfumes


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