Students are defined as:

  • Those pursuing the Society’s Diploma, ultimately leading to upgrading their membership grade upon successful completion
  • Those in full-time education at a recognised Educational Institution
  • Those who, in the opinion of the Membership Committee, have gained the required academic qualifications and who are gaining, or actively seeking to gain, approved experience in order to qualify for admission to Associate Membership or Full Membership of the Society.
  • At the time of their election to student membership, students must have a minimum of two scientific subjects of the General Certificate of Secondary Education, or a recognised equivalent
  • Membership of this grade is temporary for the time that the student is in full-time education or apprenticeship: it covers only the period that a candidate for Associate Membership is under education. All Student Memberships are reviewed at the end of the course. Re-election is only permitted if the Membership Committee is satisfied of the Student’s ultimate intention to become a member: All Bye-Laws concerning Student Membership are subject to the discretion of Council


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