Guidelines – SCS logo

Guidelines For Use of The SCS Logo by Members

SCS membership is awarded to an individual, not a company and therefore members should ensure that when using the SCS logo it should relate to themselves and not their company.

It should not be used in the general area of a company website or on company business cards.

It can, however, be used on company websites when related to a member, for example, if a company website has individual personal profiles, SCS membership can be disclosed and the logo used on their profile page.

The member logo can only be used during current and active SCS membership.  Upon lapsing of membership, the logo can no longer be used.

When using the SCS membership logo you can include the link to the SCS website using the URL

Independent consultants should also follow the same guidelines.

Individual members can use the following after their name on business cards or signatures on email:

Fellow of the Society – FSCS (logo can be requested from Head Office)
Full Member – MSCS (logo can be requested from Head Office)
SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science – SCS Dip

Please contact the SCS Head Office for further details

The SCS reserves the right to contact members if the member logo is being misused in any way.


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