Membership of the Society

Membership of the Society

Membership is open to those applicants who support the aims of the Society and have the necessary qualifications and/or experience.  All applications are reviewed and ratified by the SCS Council.  SCS offers individual membership only and all membership is renewable each year on 1 April.

Full Member Rights and Privileges can be found in the SCS Constitution under Bye-Law 7

Member grades are reviewed regularly with a view to upgrading to the highest grade possible when considering qualifications and relevant experience within the industry.  If you are a Student or Associate grade, these grades are temporary and will form part of the regular upgrade review. Affiliates will remain at that grade unless there is a significant update to qualifications/relevant industry experience.

Membership consists of the following grades:

Fellow Member

Members – A Grade

Members – B Grade




Honorary Member – awarded by SCS Council

Upon the recommendation of the Council of the Society, the Society may, by a majority vote in the Council Meeting, elect Honorary Member(s). Each Honorary Member shall be entitled to take part in all the Society’s activities.  This is awarded at the Annual General Meeting and all Honorary Members shall have complimentary life-time membership.

Current Rates 2024/2025 – no increase in membership fees

Fellow Membership

£95 (first year £195, includes non-refundable £100 application fee)

Full Membership A & B

£85 (option for 3 years’ membership subscription £255)

Associate / Affiliate

£79 (Affiliates: option for 3 years’ membership subscription £237)

Student (full time)


Disclaimer – Membership of the Society does not imply an endorsement of the individual or company they work for or its products by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, nor does it constitute a recommendation.


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