Information and The Importance of Community

Information and The Importance of Community

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Importance of Community


If you are looking for information or help with formulating a product or require information on any of the listed disciplines, please email your request by Contacting Us

The SCS will forward details of consultants/experts to SCS Members, who may be able to help you but please be informed that the Society does not recommend or endorse any one individual, Company, or product.

The consultants listed have not been vetted by the Society and accordingly this listing that the SCS provides does not constitute an endorsement of the individual, company, or products, nor does it constitute a recommendation by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

  • Chemical and Analytical                                
  • Efficacy Testing                                                    
  • Health & Safety                                             
  • Microbiology                                                 
  • Packaging                                                        
  • Regulatory                                                      
  • Research & Development                            
  • Safety Assessment                                        
  • SPF Testing                                                      
  • Toxicology                                                      
  • Formulation
  • Other – please specify


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