SCS FutureSoc is a networking resource for current undergraduate & postgraduate students, recent graduates, early career members and young professionals of the cosmetic & personal care industry.

This initiative aims to launch the professional development of its members by providing not only a safe space but a friendly, nurturing and rewarding environment to match as we cultivate the future faces and rising stars of UK’s Cosmetic & Personal Care industry.

FutureSoc was officially launched in 2023, and has exciting plans ahead!

Our committee currently consists of 14 members, all from different specialties within the cosmetics industry.

Chair: Rayanne Golding

Key Members:

  • Amy Poulton (Council Member)
  • Nuria Lima (Council Member)
  • Shanelle Menzies (Council Member)
  • Dani Elkinson
  • Chris Metcalfe
  • Jasmine Greenhalgh

Our team is committed to hosting events, promoting and engaging on social media whilst increasing awareness about the society. We have an outreach programme of events for young and junior individuals that are based all over the UK, with the focus hubs being: London, Bristol, North UK (Liverpool) and the Midlands.

Insights from Rayanne….

What is FutureSoc?

FutureSoc is a subcommittee of the SCS (Society of Cosmetic Scientists), with a primary focus on uniting cosmetic scientists nationwide. Our mission revolves around organizing engaging networking events across the country and shedding light on the diverse career pathways within the cosmetic industry. We take pride in offering an informal, friendly, and safe environment where individuals can glean insights and wisdom from others in the industry. At FutureSoc, we’re not just about professional networking; we’re about making friends and providing people with the chance to meet other like-minded individuals in the cosmetics industry.

What Makes FutureSoc Different?

You will find the same friendly faces of the FutureSoc team ready to greet you with a warm welcome and engage in meaningful conversations. We prioritise creating a safe space where no question is considered too trivial. Our unique setup provides attendees with unprecedented access to industry experts, allowing for open and candid conversations. At FutureSoc events, everyone is welcome – members and non-members alike.

Join us for an enriching experience where genuine connections and insightful conversations await. We can’t wait to see you there!

What Does That Mean to Me?

As someone who is obsessed with everything related to cosmetics, I love hearing from the industry experts whom I wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to connect with.  Having the opportunity to ask questions and delve into the motivations and insights of these experts is an incredibly rewarding.

Networking holds immense importance in our industry. We understand that it can feel daunting, particularly for those who are young or new to the field. I find great joy in bringing people together, knowing that despite the industry’s vastness, it’s surprisingly tight-knit. Soon enough, you’ll start recognizing familiar faces everywhere you go!

I firmly believe in the transformative power of networking as a catalyst for both personal and professional growth. I am immensely proud of the FutureSoc team and all that we’ve accomplished this year.

How Did I Get Into the Industry?

My journey into the cosmetics industry started with a dinner party which my mother attended, where she met a perfumer, who suggested that I join the Cosmetics industry.  From there, I commenced with a degree in Cosmetic Science from the esteemed London College of Fashion. However, it was a serendipitous encounter at a networking event that paved the way for my first job in the industry. Since then, I’ve been unwavering in my dedication to fostering connections and creating opportunities within this ever-evolving field.