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BACS & SCS Joint Event

picture of BACS logoTHe nature of hair - damage and repair

thursday 27 september 2018

A joint meeting of the BACS Personal Care Group and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists

'Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off'

Our hair is the clothing we wear every day and is one of our most visible and memorable features. So it is not surprising people will invest time and money to keep great looking hair and maintain their look and style. Unfortunately, the perfect virgin hair that forms in our hair follicles is subject to a range of forces that slowly damages the hair shaft as it grows out.  This seminar will take a close look at hair and you will hear from leading experts on assessing and measuring the damage that can be caused. 

Venue  Bredbury Hall, Stockport SK6 2DH



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