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International Journal of Cosmetic Science

IJCS Online Registration

How can I access the International Journal of Cosmetic Science?

As part of your membership of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists you have access to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science through Wiley Online Library.

If you don’t already have a login please register here before continuing

or use this link  and your access code, which is available to all SCS members.

If you have a login but have forgotten your password please visit:


How to Access Your Journal Content:

Please follow the steps below to activate your access. You will need a Wiley Online Library login – see above.

Enter your :

  • Wiley Online Library login:       (email address and password)
  •  Membership Number:              xxxxx
  • Access Code:                          
  • Submit.
  • Log out and login again to refresh your journal access

These instructions only need to be followed once and the journals can then be accessed at any time by logging here to the journal homepage:

Wiley will email you on an annual basis to provide you with your login and password details - please keep this in a safe place.



If you have any questions, please contact Wiley. Contact Details

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