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Officers & Past Presidents

current officers

Current OfficersPosition

Jackie Searle


Dr Ruth Borner

Immediate Past President
Grace Abamba Vice President
Barry Winslett Honorary Secretary
Dr Mojgan Moddaresi Honorary Treasurer


past presidents

YearName YearName
1949 Mr F V Wells   1984 Mr D M Bryce
1950 Mr F V Wells    1985 Mr J D Middleton 
1951 Mr F V Wells    1986 Mr P J Cooney
1952 Dr R H Marriott   1987 Mr R Harison
1953 Dr R H Marriott   1988 Mrs A Janousek 
1954 Dr R H Marriott   1989 Mr S E M Pearce 
1955 Mr R T Dobson    1990 Mr V H Hyde 
1956 Mr R T Dobson    1991 Mr I  M Philpson
1957 Mr J P Pickhall   1992 Mr K L Knowlton 
1958 Dr R H Marriott   1993 Dr J Ferguson 
1959 Dr R H Marrilott    1994 Mrs  K Robinson 
1960 Dr H W Hibbott   1995 Mr D A Whitehouse
1961 Dr H W Hibbott   1996 Dr A C Dweck
1962 Mr G A C Pitt    1997 Mrs H Pool
1963 Mr S J Bush    1998 Dr P F Fridd
1964 Mr H Herzka   1999 Mrs R Bonser
1965 Mr R Clark    2000 Dr A C Dweck 
1966 Dr A W Middleton    2001 Miss S M Hurst 
1967 Mr D E Butterfield    2002 Mr M H Hickling 
1968 Mr C Pugh   2003 Mrs E M Roberts
1969 Dr J J Mausner   2004 Mrs P A Ayres
1970 Mr K M Godfrey    2005 Mr M Cross 
1971 Mr J S Cannell   2006 Mr C J Nichols 
1972 Mrs H Butler    2007 Mr M Salmon 
1973 Mr G A S Pitt   2008 Miss J A Beerling 
1974 Miss A E Young    2009 Mr  D C Godfrey 
1975 Dr F G Brown    2010 Dr C Flower 
1976 Mr D F Williams    2011 Mr R J  Parker 
1977 Mr K V Curry   2012 Dr T Gough
1978 Dr P J Wilson    2013  Dr B Brockway
1979 Dr A J Tyler     2014  Dr E Meredith
1980 Dr P J Rothwell    2015  Mr S Barton
1981 Mr M W Steed     2016  Dr R Borner
1982 Mr D R Munden      
1983 Mr G L Banks       



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